• Monday, September 24, 2018
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Aug 17

2018 Santa Fe CLE Breaks Attendance Record!

The 2018 Santa Fe CLE Roundup and Annual Dinner had the highest attendance of any of the previous programs. We had 145 lawyers, who, along with spouses and guests, brought the total

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Texas chapter members stole the show at the October ABOTA National Board meeting in Nashville, TN. We had outstanding representation at the meeting and we’re glad we were there. Here are the reasons:

The Dallas Chapter was the recipient of the 2017 National Chapter of the Year Award.

Brian Lauten and Marquette Wolf (Dallas) were recipients of the inaugural Founders’ Award presented by the National ABOTA Foundation.  They were recognized for their implementation of the ad litem fees program, which has now been adopted by Houston and other Chapters. If you don’t know about it, it’s a great way to contribute to the ABOTA Foundation by donating your ad litem fees.

Karen Burgess (Austin) was elected 2018 National Treasurer, and served as a panelist during the Jury Summit prior to the national board meeting.

Lewis Sifford (Dallas) was recognized for his many years of service as co-chair of the Presidential Task Force, and his continuous dedication to the various activities of ABOTA, including the National Trial College.

Grace Weatherly (Dallas) was recognized for her many years of service on the Foundation Board, and will be 2018 Chair of the Awards Committee, replacing Bill Shapiro (CA).  Bill will continue to serve as an advisor on the committee.

Jennifer Doan (East Texas) will serve on the 2018 National Board as a Presidential appointee.

Carlyle Chapman (Dallas) will continue to serve in numerous capacities, including former President of the ABOTA Foundation Board.

We are very proud of our TEX-ABOTA members and we hope to see more names from Texas in the coming year.

Congratulations and thank you to each of you for your active participation in ABOTA.

Robby Alden

Jack Baldwin

Karen Burgess

Carlyle Chapman

Cynthia Diggs

Jennifer Doan

Winford Dunn

David Halpern

Charles Henke

Ann Hennis

Steve Laird

Brian Lauten

Andrew Mouton

Leslie Palmer

Dan Sciano

Lewis Sifford

William Toles

David Towler

Grace Weatherly

Marquette Wolf

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