• Thursday, September 21, 2017
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          1Deadline New Mem AppsDeadline for new member applications and worksheets to be in Dallas at the National ABOTA office. They will be reviewed at the October National Board Meeting. 2
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10 11 12 13 14 15MIT Dallas vs HoustonTo be held at University of North Texas Law School, a challenge between the Houston and Dallas chapters! First time event. Look for more information. 16
17 18 19James Otis LectureTime: 9:00 am
Annual event for 150 Texas students to come to the Texas Capitol and sit in the House of Representatives. 9:00am-3:00pm Dr. Bill Brands, UT Professor of History, will speak about one of his many wonderful books. More information to come.
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Sep 14

2017 Santa Fe CLE Roundup – WOW!

The 2017 TEX-ABOTA Santa Fe CLE Roundup – WOW! Once again, we are proud to say that our annual CLE program was an overwhelming success. Dicky Grigg pulled a huge rabbit out of

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TEX-ABOTA “Day at the Capitol” 2017

This year was the first year of the TEX-ABOTA “Day at the Capitol” event, held on Thursday, April 13 at the Texas State Capitol.

TEX-ABOTA members from across the state met with Rep. Hugh Shine, Rep. Todd Hunter, Rep. John Smithee, Sen. Charles Schwertner, Rep. Ramon Romero, Jr., Rep. Brandon Creighton, Rep. Jessica Farrar, Rep. Eddie Rodriguez, Rep. Ryan Guillen, Rep John Kuempel, Rep. Matt Rinaldi, Rep. Abel Herrero, Rep. Helen Giddings, Rep. Rene Oliveira, Rep. Paul Workman and Rep. J.M. Lozano.  In some cases, if the Legislator was unavailable, the group met with their Legislative Aide or Director.

Some of the members who participated in person included TEX-ABOTA President Ann Hennis, Curt Fenley, III (President Elect), Grace Weatherly (Vice President), Robby Alden (Secretary), Eileen O’Neill (Treasurer), Dan Sciano, Michael Smith, Scott Brann, Gwen Richard, Woody Roark, Scott Scherr, Lance D. Sharp and Robert E. White.

(l-r) Sharp, Roark, Fenley, Sciano and Scherr

(l-r) Sharp, Roark, Fenley, Sciano and Scherr

leg day 2017

Making plans for the meetings.

Meeting with Rep. Todd Hunter.

Meeting with Rep. Todd Hunter.

Day at the Capitol

Day at the Capitol







The main purpose for visiting those members was because of TEX-ABOTA’s interest in several Bills that have been submitted. TEX-ABOTA has passed Resolutions in opposition to the following Bills.  (Click the number to view the introduced Bill and Resolution to view the Resolution).

HB2594 – Chancery Courts aka Special Courts for Special People; Resolution
HB 1038 – TRCP 91a related to award of costs and attorney’s fees in a motion to dismiss that have no basis in law or fact; Resolution
SB 985 – Attempt to eliminate three Dallas County Courts at Law (CC3, CC4, CC5). Resolution

The Texas Association of Defense Counsel, Texas Trial Lawyers Association, and Texas Chapters of the American Board of Trial Advocates sent a Chancery Courts Joint Letter.

This was a very successful first effort, and we hope to continue gathering momentum from our members to join us at each Legislative session.

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